We collect old surfboards

We repair and donate to those in need

We act for a better future

Our Mission

We collect & repair

To preserve the environment 🌍

Despite the good vibes and the unconditional love for the ocean, surfing is far from being environmentally friendly.

Got an old broken board? Just donate it to Paddle-paddle. We will decide if it is worth being recycled or repaired.

We boost education

Through surf & local actors 📚

With the help from local actors, we use surfing to raise awareness on social and environmental topics.

We help the youth to build a solid foundation for a better future by hosting workshops and events to promote arts, music and photography.

We promote Art & Culture

Because it's kinda cool ✌️

Culture and art were created to tell stories and change people's perception on life (usually for the better). Because it helps to create a smarter future, we decided to include paint, music, photography, and video as the third priority in our mission.

Picture: board painting workshop in Colombia, in partnership with POSCA and Aurélie Andrès


What we've been up to recently

Sri Lanka

March 7th-8th 2020

Location: Welligama

  • Swimming equipment for the Sea Sisters program 
  • Inspirational talk and lifesaving show
  • Swimming lesson
  • First Aid update with the Sea Sisters volunteers


October 24th-27th 2019

Location: somewhere along the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

  • +10 surfboards for Costeño Social's kids
  • Environmental talk & beach cleaning
  • Board customization workshop & mural painting
  • Lifesaving games & surf

Older projects


April 7th to 9th 2019

Location: Rabat & Ain Sebaâ (Casablanca)

  • +15 surfboards for Medina Surfing association and the kids of the Medina
  • +3 surfboards & equipment for Abdeladih, a local surfing figure in Ain Sebaâ
  • Environmental talk
  • Surf competition


November 18th 2018

Location: Nambung beach area

  • +12 surfboards for local kids with the help of Anne, our contact in Lombok. 
  • Next stop in April with more surfboards and school supplies


November 5th 2018

Location: Lakey Peak, Indonesia

  • +1 surfboard for local kids
  • First surfboard given!

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Want to help?

Ask your bank account and let us know what it says,
every cent can make a difference: no donation is ever too small

Donate today

Helping more

Surfers, this is what we need


Used or new
Any shape or size

Even if broken in half, because we can recycle it and you probably can't.

Surf equipment

Used or new, we are a dream place for lonely fins or broken leashes

Fins, leashes, but also wax, boardshorts, wetsuits and sunscreen.


Even a small one
...but the bigger, the better

Because we only go to remote locations, transportation costs a lot of money. We definitely need help on this part.

The Paddle-Paddle Journal

Inspiring stories about people we meet on the way.

Who are you Damien L'Hotellier ?

During the planning for our project in Sri Lanka, we needed a doctor who was ready to join us and achieve the goals we had set. The project was to help Sea Sisters, an organisation which helps Sri Lankan women to emancipate themselves through surfing and swimming. Not only did we bring swimming equipment, we also […]

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Our discussion with Carlos and Miky, members of Costeño Social, Paddle-paddle’s partner in Colombia.

The origin of Costeño social is a group of friends, whose passion of surfing and their love of the region have brought them together. But its especially about Juan, a sports teacher and education associate. This association, located in North Colombia between the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea, gives lessons to […]

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Seek Surf : Colombia's network to develop surfing

Our questions to Felipe, founder of Seek Surf and Paddle-paddle’s partner in Colombia. Originally from Colombia’s coffee hills in Perreira, Felipe spent his teenage years by the beaches of New Jersey where he learned how to surf. At age 23, he returned to his home country where he decided to develop a tourism project related […]

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